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Thursday’s child – pre FW21

Thursday’s child is heavily inspired by post-punk era both in styling, finishes, prints and message. It’s an ending to our broken star cycle. The concept revolves around being left out and neglected not only by society but also by our closest circles. Despite being constantly bombarded with promises and hopes in the end they only turn out to be the decoration covering lack of action and care. The name of the collection however is a reference to „[…]Thursday’s child has far to go[…]” (a nursery rhyme also referenced by bowie and velvet underground) which implies that there’s still plenty ahead of us to be reached and experienced.

Collection inspired by works of Alice Cooper (killer album and „dead babies” track), Lou reed with velvet underground (album with nico and „all tomorrow’s parties” track), Brian eno and Bauhaus (as a whole and „all we ever wanted was everything” track).

Featuring our first ever flannel shirts, varsity jackets and hoodies with new laser-cut and pre-washed finishes.