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A broken star

This collection includes previous projects, sessions, and videos, but also upcoming projects, hence our desire to bring you closer to its meaning.

The whole idea was created with the first graphics
“Age of parties that never happened”, This is where the cracked star in the center appeared for the first time.

It seems to me that the years 16-22 are key in shaping the character and gaining experience in relationships and communication, and while some of these experiences in the case of our generation come from communication not face to face, in the end, we all strive for these vivid emotions, relationships, talks, and events because it cannot be simulated.
And we are all aware that the world took it a little bit from the young generation or at least made it difficult. And while some stronger individuals have successfully resisted the situation, I primarily see a few years of wasted potential … in the world, there are hundreds of millions of random acquaintances from events, probably millions of close-ups that did not take place, and no. pity.

This is what a broken star with lost potential is about
And a cracked star is each of us

In addition, the clothes and graphics, both current and upcoming, are mostly references to party photos and posters from the post-punk era, and maybe a bit of goth rock in Great Britain in a very subdued and universal form. The current generation has a knack for expressing themselves with clothes, just like the aforementioned subcultures, so we care about this aspect of universality while carrying our thoughts.